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Leading the Industry: The 100% Healthcare Contact Center From Publicis Touchpoint Solutions


Touchpoint Solutions' contact center representatives are highly trained professionals — many with years of experience in the life sciences industry — that communicate your message at the right time, right moment, and right place to deliver maximum impact.

More than 200 representatives engage in over 120,000 interactions per month, providing information and support to target audiences and industry verticals across the healthcare continuum. Offering a diverse group of services, every program is custom designed to meet client objectives and integrates seamlessly with in-field sales, service, and clinical teams.

Why Add a Contact Center program?

A Contact Center program surrounds the physician and his/her patients with additional value by answering unmet needs and reducing the burden on the physician's time. The example below provides a real-world scenario:

  • A physician currently has a specialty field sales representative who calls monthly and a field clinical health educator who works with her patients to help improve health outcomes.
  • By adding an on-demand live video with a professional sales representative available (including "off hours"), the physician can access information at her convenience and spend significantly more time with the representative. In fact, an average call time between physicians and live video reps is 11.4 minutes!
  • The addition of a 24/7 help desk offers further value, addressing patients' concerns in real time, answering frequently asked questions (FAQs), and triaging issues to an inside clinical health educator whenever necessary.