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Touchpoint offers the flexibility to quickly ramp your team size up or down based on your need, budget, and business demands. And advanced analytic tools allow us to track effectiveness and swiftly modify to maintain and maximize success.

Field Sales Teams

Our high-performing field sales representatives engage with healthcare professionals to effectively communicate your message and grow your brand. Every team is custom-designed to your profile, culture, and goals.

Field Customer Service Teams

Touchpoint’s field customer service teams provide an exceptional level of service to healthcare professionals and their staffs. Customer service representatives provide non-sales support, such as patient education materials, starter samples, information on local managed markets access, etc. They can work alone or in conjunction with other field and/or inside teams to supplement and enhance your sales and marketing efforts. Service teams are also deployed through Touchpoint’s 100% healthcare-focused contact center.

Managed Markets Account Teams

Touchpoint’s managed markets account teams are staffed with experts whose sole focus is working in this highly complex arena. In today’s new healthcare marketplace, with approximately 90% of all prescriptions covered by third-party payers, managed markets expertise is a necessity for most therapeutic areas. With our robust market strategies, custom plans, and knowledgeable specialists you will have all the tools necessary to achieve success.

Inside Sales and Service Teams

Sales teams are also deployed through Touchpoint’s 100% healthcare-focused contact center. Inside sales and service teams can include:

Credentialed Sales Specialists

These promotional teams are staffed by credentialed healthcare professionals (HCPs) such as PharmDs, MDs, PhDs, RNs, and RPhs, who can engage with HCPs and healthcare institutions in peer-to-peer, high-science dialogue.

Professional Sales Representatives

The majority of Touchpoint’s inside sales representatives have spent years in field sales with life sciences companies before joining our contact center. They translate their wealth of professional sales experience to their remote promotional conversations with healthcare professionals, making every contact a valued one.

Live Video Detailing Teams

Highly trained, experienced, professional sales representatives communicate with healthcare professionals via on-demand, live video web-details. Physicians and representatives share screens, enabling a one-on-one detail that replicates an in-office visit. Video calls typically average 10 minutes or more.

Customer Service Representatives

Service teams provide a high level of service support to healthcare professionals, office staff, and healthcare institutions. Touchpoint service teams offer support in areas such as teleSampling, teleService, co-pay card support, event recruitment/registration, appointment setting/reminders, patient information materials, and much more.

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