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Women’s Health

Discrepancies between guidelines and emerging health concerns complicate women’s healthcare. Touchpoint can help you improve women’s lives.

Women’s health is a constantly evolving field and with many critical unmet needs, particularly in screening and disease prevention. A multitude of factors governs women’s health, including their families, communities, and work environments. Because women respond to care in a gender-specific way, they require gender-specific assessment, education, and intervention.

Discrepancies and disagreements exist between screening guidelines pertaining to Pap smears, bone density testing, and physical exams. New options for birth control become available frequently, requiring provider and patient education.

Recommendation intervals for breast imaging are challenged due to the increasing effectiveness of breast cancer treatments that change the risk/benefit tradeoff in breast cancer screening. However, newer breast cancer treatments and medications are still most effective if the cancer is detected early. This remains the responsibility of obstetrics and gynecology providers. Guidelines for integrative medical exams, risk assessment, and disease prevention have been proposed but not implemented yet. Infection with human papilloma virus (HPV) and associated cancer is an emerging problem in women’s health, but no accepted screening guideline exists.

Physicians will benefit from assistance with

  • Education on emerging treatments across the spectrum of women’s health
  • Developing strategies for early detection of women’s cancers, including rational approaches to scheduling imaging for high-risk patients
  • Developing an integrative approach to preventive treatments, risk assessment, and screening
  • Implementing workable lifestyle interventions that help women maintain a healthy weight

Women’s health provides challenges in selecting optimal screening techniques and intervals. Touchpoint can help.

Our expertise in medical device commercialization for screening equipment, employing either our field-based medical sales representatives or our inside medical sales representatives, who work through our healthcare contact center, can help your customers overcome these challenges.

Our clinical health educators can provide education on lifestyle-based interventions for obese women. Clomid is a drug prescribed for the stimulation of ovulation. Unfortunately, this process doesn’t proceed normally in every girl. I was diagnosed with polycystic disease / multifollicular ovaries. As I have read at, a woman can take Clomid a limited number of times in your life. I wouldn’t recommend you to stimulate ovulation without reasons, just because you can’t get pregnant. You should undergo a full check-up before starting the treatment.

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