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Veterinary Medicine Healthcare Commercialization

Veterinarians are under financial pressure from debt load, decreasing revenue, and a changing care environment. Touchpoint can help your customers minimize their economic uncertainty

Today’s veterinarians are under pressure on several fronts. Increasing pet ownership shifts the focus of veterinary medicine away from large animals and requires veterinarians to treat family pets optimally while also meeting the expectations and demands of pet owners. Large student debt burdens paired with decreasing practice volume due to increased competition from nonveterinary providers like mobile units and big-box stores put veterinarians under significant financial pressure. The emergence of specialist veterinary practices has changed the role of community veterinarians who now stand to lose clients when owners expect their pets to be referred to a specialist for surgery.

Today’s veterinary medicine is increasingly concentrated on family pets and demands of the veterinarian to focus on both human and animal clients within a care environment characterized by financial pressure. The chief demands on veterinarians are:

  • Creating flexible treatment plans that not only consider possible drug shortages and/or the unavailability of human-label medications but also include preventative care
  • Coping with a potentially hostile care environment in which veterinarians are at risk of lawsuits from dissatisfied pet owners
  • Maintaining a profitable practice in the face of decreasing practice volume and debt burden from student loans
  • Strategies to adapt to a fragmented care environment with an increasing demand for specialist care

Touchpoint can assist veterinarians in maintaining the economic viability of their practices.

Touchpoint provides veterinary healthcare commercialization that can include education on veterinary treatments for pet owners through its field-based medical sales representatives and inside medical sales representatives.

Touchpoint can also help ensure a reliable drug supply for your veterinary customers, help veterinarians and patients access programs to reduce drug costs, and minimize the economic uncertainty your customers face.

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