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Urology Healthcare Commercialization

Declining reimbursements, the demands of obtaining prior authorization for branded medications, and the threat of losing patients to primary care threaten urology practices.

Declining third-party reimbursements and unreimbursed time spent obtaining prior authorizations from payers for branded medications place significant economic pressure on urology practices. To meet these challenges, urologists increase their workload, seeing more patients, extending their business hours, and/or performing more surgeries. In markets dominated by primary care practitioners, the emergence of accountable care organizations makes it likely that primary care practitioners will appropriate urologist services.

To mitigate the financial risks inherent in running a urology practice, urologists will benefit from assistance with:

  • Managing noncoverage of treatments and medications by third-party payers and obtaining prior authorization for the use of branded medications
  • Finding more effective alternatives for providing patients access to required medications — for example, through manufacturer-sponsored programs
  • Acquiring and updating medical equipment

Touchpoint’s healthcare and medical device commercialization teams are ready to help urologists meet the challenges of maintaining an economically sound practice.

Our field-based medical sales representativesinside medical sales representatives, and managed market specialists have the expertise to work with payers and manage practice-friendly patient support and reimbursement programs.

Learn how we can assist you in relieving the business and administrative pressures placed on urologists

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