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Respiratory Healthcare Commercialization

Chronic respiratory conditions are becoming more common, patients are vulnerable to reimbursement challenges, and the care paradigm is changing. Touchpoint can help you navigate the changing respiratory care environment.

Respiratory healthcare is rapidly changing as the Baby Boomer generation ages and chronic respiratory ailments become increasingly common. This patient population needs consistent, daily intervention to prevent chronic diseases from becoming acute and patients from requiring emergency care. Patients with chronic respiratory ailments are uniquely vulnerable to co-pays and nonmedical drug switching.

Providers treating patients with chronic respiratory conditions require assistance in the following areas to assess and manage their patients appropriately:

  •  Patients with COPD are at risk for drug intervention driven by payers and not medically justified. Such drug switching disregards and interrupts the prescribed course of treatment and is associated with poor patient outcomes
  • In patients with asthma, a co-pay increase leads to a decrease in adherence in 85% of cases
  • The United States faces a shortage of allergist/immunologists despite sharply increased demand for their services. This shortage means that patients with asthma and related conditions will be cared for increasingly by respiratory therapists

Touchpoint can help you navigate the changing respiratory care landscape.

Our field-based medical sales representatives, healthcare contact center, and managed market specialists can help your customers overcome reimbursement challenges and maintain the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship.

Our clinical health educators are available to provide education on inhalers and devices, and our medical science liaisons can provide in-depth scientific discussions as needed.

See how we can help you navigate the challenges of the changing respiratory care environment

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