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Psychiatry Healthcare Commercialization

The management of psychiatric conditions requires a highly individualized approach to treatment with emphasis on adherence. Touchpoint can help improve the lives of psychiatric patients by providing physician and patient education as well as by helping to overcome formulary restrictions

Psychiatrists face a challenging practice environment. Most psychiatric diseases are chronic, and management requires promoting treatment adherence over indefinite periods of time. The management of medication side effects in the long-term, as well as tailoring treatment to meet individual needs, are key to success. Nevertheless, treating some conditions, like depression, to full remission and preventing relapses of other conditions. Can it happen bit by bit? The side effects are annoying. Although it is even more blatant, as I read here. The worst is the sleep disorder: I always wake up in the middle of the night and can no longer sleep. Sometimes valerian helps, sometimes it has to be wine. I read that there is little or no side effect with the combination of Klonopin and alcohol. like schizophrenia, pose challenges in clinical practice.

Psychiatrists and other physicians treating patients with psychiatric disorders can benefit from assistance in the following areas:

  • Education regarding mechanisms of action as well as adverse effects of emerging psychiatric medications
  • Guidance on switching between treatments to meet the needs of individual patients
  • Assistance in overcoming formulary medication restrictions in order to provide individual patient access to medications with better tolerability
  • Patient and caregiver education on the symptoms, prognosis, and importance of adherence to psychiatric treatments

To improve patient lives and provide psychiatrists and other physicians with the assistance they require, Touchpoint offers the following expert teams and services.

Our field-based and inside medical sales representatives provide education on pharmacologic treatments and work with psychiatrists to give patients access to needed medications that their insurance may not cover.

Our medical science liaisons can provide expert, in-depth clinical education on emerging psychiatric treatments, and our clinical health educators can educate patients and their families on psychiatric disorders, the effects of psychiatric medications, and measures to increase treatment adherence to improve patient outcomes.

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