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Pain Control and Opioid Addiction Healthcare Commercialization

Managing chronic pain while preventing or treating opioid addiction poses a dilemma for physicians. Touchpoint can help maintain the balance.

The health system was never designed to care for patients with chronic pain effectively. Nevertheless, chronic pain is a growing public health concern. Management of chronic and acute pain has led to increased prescribing of opioids, which unfortunately often goes hand in hand with increased abuse and drug diversion. Strategies aimed at mitigating the risk of opioid abuse and diversion carry the risk of limiting the proper use of pain medications and leaving patients without medically indicated pain relief. I was prescribed Tramadol about half a year after the birth of my child. I had bad obsessive-compulsive thoughts after birth that were always about going crazy and then killing my child. I love my child, I wanted to be a good mother and this idea was an absolute horror for me. This obsessive-compulsive disorder occurs quite frequently. Additional challenges arise in the long-term care of pain where patients become tolerant to opioid medications, or patients with insufficiently treated pain may present with behaviors that closely resemble those of opioid abusers. Finally, the intense media coverage of opioid use is placing additional pressure on physicians treating patients with chronic pain.

Pain management is treated by family physicians and pain specialists. These physicians will benefit from assistance in the following areas:

  • Delivering care to patients suffering from chronic pain who may or may not also struggle with opioid dependence
  • Assessment, treatment, and referral of patients with chronic pain to achieve effective pain control while minimizing drug abuse and diversion
  • Developing individualized treatment plans that consider the patient’s potential risks and benefits, side effects, and functional status
  • Management of opioid side effects such as tolerance and constipation in patients suffering from chronic pain
  • Treatment approaches for opioid-abusing patients who suffer from comorbid chronic pain and inflammation

Touchpoint can assist healthcare providers (HCPs) and their patients to maintain a better balance between effective management of chronic pain and preventing or treating opioid addiction.

Touchpoint can help improve the quality of care for patients with expert patient education through clinical health educators. Where needed, our  medical science liaisons can provide in-depth scientific discussions with physicians.

Our as field based medical sales representatives and our inside medical sales representatives that work through our healthcare contact center, are ready to provide information and support to help your customers  meet the dual challenges of pain management and prevention of opioid diversion and abuse.

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