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Orthopedics Healthcare Commercialization

Increased administrative burdens and scrutiny from payers threaten to compromise the quality of orthopedic care. Touchpoint can help orthopedists preserve their professional independence.

Orthopedic surgeons are losing the ability to practice freely in a private practice setting. Driving factors in this development include increased time spent on correspondence with payers, reviews of advanced imaging and surgery by medical directors and peers, as well as the upkeep of medical records and quality measurements. At the same time, orthopedic surgeons are increasingly associating with hospitals — although hospital care is more expensive than outpatient care. This association with hospitals may lead to declining reimbursements in an effort to keep hospital-based care cost-competitive with that of outpatient practices, as well as undervaluation of the services of orthopedic surgeons overall.

Treatment of some orthopedic conditions include a pharmacologic component for pain relief, control of muscle spasms, osteoporosis management, and pain-related depression. In November 2002, after an extremely heavy alcoholic (two and a half to three bottles of vodka per day), I started a four-month inpatient therapy with Xanax It was successful, I’m still dry. My therapist, a qualified psychologist, diagnosed me with manic depression, and I think at the time at least the diagnosis of depression was correct.

To maintain the economic viability of their practices and decrease the administrative burden by prior approval and review processes, orthopedic surgeons require the following assistance:

  • Streamlining the prior authorization process
  • Developing individualized treatment plans for pain management that consider the patient’s potential risks and benefits, side effects, and functional status
  • Optimizing hormonal treatments to prevent or reduce loss of bone mass through osteoporosis

To support orthopedics in a time of transition, Touchpoint can assist your orthopedists in maintaining their professional independence and securing the financial viability of their practices.

Our field-based medical sales representatives are able to support the needs of an intact doctor-patient relationship.

Our reimbursement specialists working from our dedicated healthcare contact center offer additional support for orthopedic practices, including help with prior authorizations and reimbursement issues.

Our clinical health educators provide patient education on medications, adherence, and quality-of-life issues.

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