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Oncology Commercialization

Oncologists and oncology therapies face unique challenges. Touchpoint understands those challenges and helps clients navigate them successfully.

Oncologists are under pressure and for some, the strain of day-to-day practice has become overwhelming. Not only do they have too much to do in too little time, but many of these clinicians also face financial pressures brought on by higher practice costs and a shifting reimbursement landscape. In addition, patients are increasingly unable to afford the care they need. This problem transcends therapy costs to also include insurer cost-shifting, payer blocks, prior authorizations, and increasing copays. Despite the challenges they face — or perhaps in response to them — oncologists are seeking assistance from the industry.

Most oncologists are able to set aside their discontent regarding the high list prices of drugs and are seeking support in several areas:

  • Assistance to help patients gain access and afford life-saving medicines: to all involved, it is critical that patients get the medications they need and are able to stay on therapy
  • Healthcare provider education: Clinicians want clear, up-to-date understanding of a drug’s efficacy, safety, insurance coverage, benefits, and risks compared to similar products
  • Patient education: Providers need tangible and virtual materials, readily available, to educate patients about disease states, treatment options, anticipated side effects, and management assistance with drug costs

Touchpoint’s healthcare commercialization teams can assist oncologists with providing state-of-the-art, affordable care to their patients.

Our field-based medical sales representatives and inside sales representatives understand the pressures oncologists are under and know how to address those challenges effectively and efficiently. Our clinical health educators and medical science liaisons deliver expert education and scientific support to ensure that proper care is maintained. Our reimbursement specialists are available to tackle any payer-related challenges.

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