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Neurology Healthcare Commercialization

Narrowly defined subspecialties dominate the Neurology market. Touchpoint can help you connect with specialists on their own terms.

Neurologic illnesses are treated by physicians from many subspecialties, each of which is advancing rapidly. Patient referrals to narrowly specialized healthcare providers are common, and the interaction with each of these subspecialties requires expert knowledge of emerging therapeutics, evolving guidelines, and the marketplace surrounding a specific disease state.

Moreover, neurology has changed from a largely diagnostic to a therapy-focused discipline. Extensive and ongoing drug development for neurologic conditions puts neurologists and their patients on the forefront of new treatment paradigms.

Today’s practice requires neurologists not only to provide definitive diagnoses, but also to decide between treatment alternatives and act as gatekeepers for expensive diagnostic technologies such as MRI scanning and genetic testing, as well as costly treatments.

Highly specialized healthcare providers must be presented with a well-considered approach to the following problems affecting their practice:

  • In many cases, medicines and devices are expensive and may be inaccessible to patients due to formulary restrictions or other payer limitations
  • To prevent errors  in the face of information overload, neurologists are under pressure to implement emerging practice guidelines that emphasize standard approaches to many neurological diseases, including epilepsy, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease
  • Prevention of the progression of vascular disease and recurrent stroke is among the responsibilities of neurologists, but knowledge on how to guide lifestyle changes to aid in this prevention is lacking

Touchpoint can help you provide effective healthcare and medical device commercialization in the Neurology marketplace.

Our medical science liaisons are adept at delivering expert education for highly specialized clinicians.

Our clinical health educators can meet the specialized needs of training both patients and medical practice personnel on the full range of skills needed in caring for patients with CNS disorders.

Field-based medical teams are trained to deal with the challenges of each disease state, and our managed market teams are qualified to tackle the reimbursement problems that frequently arise in this field.

Our inside medical sales representatives, working from our healthcare contact centers,  can serve as a further resource of in-depth expertise.

Find out how we can assist your healthcare commercialization in a highly specialized market

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