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Immunology Healthcare Commercialization

Clinical immunology is a diverse, rapidly evolving field. While new treatments are becoming available, challenges with treatment adherence, patient quality of life, and reimbursement remain. Touchpoint can help your immunology customers provide high-quality care in a challenging environment.

Immunologists manage a diverse patient population, including those suffering from autoimmune disorders such as myasthenia gravis and lupus erythematosus, patients receiving organ transplants who require management of immune responses to the transplant, and patients with AIDS.

Each of these areas of immunologic practice offer specific challenges. Treatments for autoimmune disorders are advancing rapidly, challenging physicians to keep pace with drug development. Managing immune suppression requires striking a balance between preventing transplant rejection, guarding against adverse events, promoting treatment adherence, and optimizing patient quality of life. The management of AIDS is still complicated by late diagnosis and by a lack of continuity of care arising from the multiple comorbidities with which patients with AIDS present. Finally, the greatest single practice gap in immunology today is the underdiagnosis of food allergies and allergic rhinitis in primary practice. In addition to these medical challenges, immunologic practices are under pressure due to changes in reimbursement and associated administrative burdens.

To address the unmet needs in Immunology and relieve the administrative burden on immunologists, assistance in the following areas will be helpful:

  • Physician education on safety and efficacy of emerging treatments for autoimmune disorders and immune suppression
  • Assistance in streamlining administrative processes, including sales representatives’ support and assistance with reimbursement issues
  • Education of primary care providers on recognizing food allergies

To help immunologists provide high-quality care in a challenging environment, Touchpoint offers expert healthcare commercialization teams and services.

Our medical science liaisons provide in-depth scientific education to immunologists on emerging immunologic treatments.

Our clinical health educators are experts at providing patient education on remaining adherent to immunologic treatments, side-effect management, and quality-of-life issues.

Both our field-based medical sales representatives and our inside medical sales representatives, who are accessible via our healthcare contact center, are a valuable business resource for Immunology specialists.

See how we can assist you and your customers in closing the gaps in immunology care

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