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Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Healthcare Commercialization

Diabetes and other metabolic syndromes are challenging public health concerns, yet physician and patient barriers impede their management. Touchpoint can help improve the quality of care.

Diabetes has reached pandemic levels, affecting an estimated 382 million people worldwide, and is increasing at a rate of 3% each year. In addition, patients often develop other significant chronic conditions. This high prevalence has driven the development of new classes of diabetes agents that offer more options for better control of blood glucose levels. Management of metabolic syndrome by family physicians through diet, exercise, and judicious use of pharmacologic agents is often ineffective because patients tend to resist lifestyle interventions.

Clinical management of both diabetes and metabolic syndrome is hampered by significant patient and physician-related barriers:

  • Physicians require education on evolving standards of care with shifting priorities. New considerations include cardiovascular safety, obesity, nephropathy and retinopathy, as well as education on medications and their side effects
  • Clinician and patient education can overcome the reluctance to optimize therapy in a timely fashion so that irreversible damage does not occur
  • Low adherence to diabetes treatment can have significant long-term consequences, so patients need assistance taking their medications as prescribed
  • Patient education, as well as education of clinicians on patient-centered counseling, is needed to help enable lifestyle-centered management of metabolic syndrome

Touchpoint is ideally positioned to address the barriers to care for both diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Our medical science liaisons can provide clinicians with expert education on the evolving treatment paradigms for diabetes, while our clinical health educators can utilize your patient assistance materials to educate patients about the use and benefits of, and side effect management for, exogenous insulin, as well as lifestyle interventions for metabolic syndrome management.

Our field-based medical sales representatives and inside medical sales representatives provide healthcare commercialization that lets your customers focus on treating their patients.

Learn how Touchpoint can help you and your customers overcome barriers to effective diabetes care

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