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Medical Devices Healthcare Commercialization

As a result of an increase in the number of patients with chronic diseases being managed in the home care setting, the medical device market is growing, yet reimbursement imposes a barrier to access. Touchpoint understands the underlying factors and can help you develop solutions.

In today’s healthcare environment, home care for chronic conditions is of increasing importance. Because medical devices play a critical role in this setting, the market has experienced considerable growth in recent years not only in volume, but also in the number of areas of patient care that it touches. Nevertheless, reimbursement remains a key barrier to access to medical devices.

Providers treating patients with chronic illnesses who can benefit from the use of medical devices as part of a home care setting require assistance in the following key areas to ensure greater access to these devices:

  • Reimbursement decisions for medical devices are strongly data driven, while the value of expert opinion is declining
  • Healthcare delivery and reimbursement issues are often regional rather than national, and knowledge of regional factors is required to secure reimbursement
  • Medical devices replacing existing treatments must deliver consistently better outcomes than the current standard of care to be reimbursable
  • Competitive bidding has affected the availability of devices and made it more difficult to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate devices for their medical needs

To ensure optimal patient outcomes, Touchpoint can assist your providers and their patients in achieving greater access to devices for home care of chronic conditions.

Touchpoint provides expert patient education via its clinical health educators.

We can also drive effective medical device commercialization through field-based medical sales representatives or inside medical sales representatives.

Our healthcare contact center ensures that expert education and customized medical device commercialization are  available  anywhere, anytime. One of our strengths is being able to provide customized support to match brand objectives.

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In the medical device market, assistance from our managed market specialists can make a critical difference for you.

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