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Companion Diagnostics Healthcare Commercialization

Companion diagnostics and personalized medicine define an emerging standard of care, but is the healthcare system ready? Touchpoint is helping to meet the challenges.

As the era of blockbuster drugs aimed at a large market diminishes, the era of personalized medicine is just beginning. Individualized medicine that accounts for genetic variability and metabolic differences between patients has become integral to modern pharmacotherapy. This emerging trend forces both the practitioners and the pharmaceutical industry to change and adapt. At the same time, it creates cost-containment pressures from payers and patients.

Companion diagnostics define a new standard of care that has not gained full acceptance in medical practice. Because the existing healthcare structure is not designed to support companion diagnostics, this presents major challenges. Healthcare professionals seek assistance in these areas:

  • The introduction of the personalized medicine/companion diagnostics paradigm into clinical practice raises issues of reimbursement and medical records privacy
  • Incentives for physicians to make the requisite changes to their practice will be needed
  • The introduction of companion diagnostics may be threatened by proposed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid
  • Development of pharmaceutical treatments and diagnostic tests follows a separate, different business model that complicates the overall marketing of companion diagnostics, with costs that can be perceived as hindering drug sales

To facilitate the uptake of companion diagnostics, our healthcare commercialization teams are ready to engage with and educate clinicians.

Our field-based medical sales representatives specialize in pharmaceutical or medical device commercialization, can discuss with your healthcare professionals (HCPs) how to effectively integrate companion diagnostics with drug therapies.

Our managed market specialists, who have expertise in reimbursement issues surrounding medical devices and pharmacological treatments, can help address payer-related challenges, for example, by copromoting devices and other therapeutics with their respective companion diagnostics.

Our healthcare contact center teams and inside sales representatives can provide in-depth knowledge of how to counteract the problems surrounding the emergence of companion diagnostics.

Would you like to know how we can help you advance companion diagnostics and implement a new standard of care?

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