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Healthcare Commercialization of Biosimilars

Biosimilars face problems of physician and patient acceptance, and disparate state laws pose challenges for healthcare providers (HCPs). Touchpoint can help you navigate a challenging environment.

Biosimilars have the potential to produce major cost savings by providing a lower-priced alternative to costly biologic agents. Expiring patent protections for established biologic agents create a large potential for introducing biosimilar agents. However, benefit plans and formulary committees have not yet fully determined the criteria for use of biosimilars. Rules governing interchangeability of biologic and biosimilar products are still evolving and may depend on local practice standards as well as individual state laws.

While the potential of biosimilars as an alternative to or replacement for biologic agents is undeniable, their introduction is surrounded by several problems.

Healthcare providers and their patients seek assistance in the following areas:

  • Twenty-three states and Puerto Rico have laws governing the use of biosimilars and their interchangeability with biologic agents. The diversity of these laws poses a major concern for healthcare providers dispensing biosimilars
  • Physicians and patients alike tend to doubt the efficacy and safety of biosimilars, and question in particular the comparability to their biologic equivalents. To overcome these concerns, it is critical for both prescribers and patients to understand that while biosimilars are subject to variability in comparison to their biologic reference product, this variability mirrors the variability between batches of the biologic reference product

Touchpoint provides a range of solutions to the challenges of the commercialization of biosimilars.

Touchpoint’s field based medical sales representatives can provide expert education to physicians about the efficacy of biosimilars.

Our clinical health educators can help patients with chronic illnesses that currently are well-controlled by branded prescriptions overcome their concerns related to product variability. Education targeted at healthcare providers can begin pre-launch to alleviate the uncertainties regarding interchangeability with and substitution for biologic agents that arise because of dissimilar state laws.

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Our inside medical sales representatives and managed market specialists, who are based in healthcare contact centers, can provide additional support and assist with detailed knowledge of reimbursement and regulatory issues.

Learn how we can help you navigate the challenging environment surrounding the commercialization of biosimilars

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