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Healthcare Commercialization

Continuous drug development and meticulous provider and patient education are needed to maintain anti-infective protection for patients.

As antibiotic resistance is increasing, biopharmaceutical manufacturers counter with the development of novel anti-infective agents. To ensure their effectiveness over the long term, prescribers need thorough and current information on appropriate prescribing, as well as regular and reliable updates on emerging antibiotic resistance. Patient education on adherence to antibiotic regimens is also critical to preserving antibiotic effectiveness over time.

Key issues influencing successful outcomes of anti-infective treatment are:

  • Optimizing the treatment of infections and reducing the adverse effects associated with antibiotic overuse
  • Improving patient safety by both increasing infection cure rates and decreasing treatment failure rates, as well as achieving substantial cost savings
  • Receiving regular communications concerning antibiotic resistance and encouraging facility-specific prescribing patterns to address local infection risks

Touchpoint is ready to meet the challenge of antibiotics overuse by providing expert education to healthcare providers and patients.

Our medical medical science liaisons can engage clinicians in a scientifically driven dialogue on emerging anti-infectives and strategies to prevent the development and spread of antibiotic-resistant pathogen strains.

Similarly, our clinical health educators can fulfill an important role by educating patients on the importance of adherence to help prevent the development of resistant pathogen strains. Finally, our healthcare contact center can act as a repository for the most current information on antibiotic resistance.

Our inside and field-based medical sales representatives, trained in best practices in antibiotic use, can provide expert anti-infective healthcare commercialization.

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