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Healthcare Commercialization

Patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are increasingly managed in primary care. Touchpoint is ready to help you equip primary care physicians with the tools to manage ADHD effectively.

A national shortage of specialized mental health providers means that most cases of both pediatric and adult ADHD are managed by primary care physicians. It was okay, Xanax did help. Sertraline helped better, but the side effects (eczema has broken out and dandruff has appeared) were not that nice. Unfortunately. I can only recommend everyone to get diagnostic second opinions if necessary. I was suspected of having a bipolar disorder, which is now out of the question. To manage ADHD successfully, primary care physicians must feel comfortable screening, assessing, and managing these pediatric and adult patients. Medication adherence among pediatric patients with ADHD is low, and decision-making for the management of pediatric patients is complicated. ADHD in adult patients is undertreated to the point where only 1 in 10 patients receives appropriate treatment. Proper diagnosis of adult ADHD is difficult because symptoms can be unspecific and are often masked by symptoms of comorbid diseases, and regular follow-up with adult patients is burdensome.

Primary care providers treating patients with pediatric and/or adult ADHD require assistance in the following areas to assess and manage their patients appropriately:

  • Assistance in overcoming low treatment adherence in patients with pediatric ADHD by educating physicians about ways to address family beliefs and attitudes towards ADHD treatment and shared decision-making among patients, parents, and clinicians
  • Education regarding screening, symptom recognition, and appropriate assessment of adult patients with ADHD
  • Education on how to implement weekly follow-up with patients effectively during titration and dose changes of ADHD medications

Touchpoint can help primary care physicians involved in the care of patients with ADHD.

Expert patient education delivered by field-based clinical health educators and Touchpoint inside teams that are accessible via our healthcare contact center can enhance a commercialization strategy centered on education.

Our field-based medical sales representatives and inside sales representatives can provide customized healthcare commercialization that takes into account the specific challenges posed by ADHD in today’s healthcare environment.

Would you like to know how we can help you support healthcare professionals and patients with ADHD care?

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