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Supplement Back-Office Support

Healthcare commercialization depends on critical back-office support functions like customer relationship management, sales force automation, and business intelligence.

Every brand deserves effective, efficient back-office support services to organize and administer key data flows. The need to supplement back-office infrastructure can arise in pharmaceutical companies of any size. For example, early stage companies may have some back-office infrastructure and seek to supplement their existing capabilities or use outsourced providers for all of their back-office systems. These small and emerging firms need a scalable solution that allows them to achieve early market success before they invest in their own back-office network.

In large pharmaceutical companies that are marketing a large portfolio of brands, access to back-office resources may be limited and prioritized. Back-office support may be allocated to a blockbuster drug or a drug that is just launching, leaving a mid-size, mature brand short of critical back-office support.

Touchpoint provides everything you need to supplement or build the back-office capability your brand needs.

Touchpoint offers its back-office infrastructure as part of our full commercialization suite. Services include IT expertise, customer relationship management, sales force automation, business intelligence tools and analytics, as well as reporting and data management.

Regardless of whether you are supplementing an existing back-office structure or outsourcing your entire back-office function, Touchpoint provides a scalable infrastructure solution. Outsourcing allows you to reduce the financial burden and uncertainty of building your own back-office team and systems. This also enables management and personnel to engage with stakeholders effectively while you focus on brand marketing and promotion.

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