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Outsource Commercialization

Commercializing a successful healthcare brand transcends recruiting, training, and managing customer-facing teams.

Full commercialization goes beyond customer-facing teams to include prelaunch activities, target-customer profiling, back-office data management, program execution, project management, sales operations, analytics, compliance, and more. While in-house commercialization may be best in many situations, outsourcing the commercialization operation can be advantageous in a wide range of business scenarios.

Outsourcing may be right for an early stage company with a promising product in Phase 3 clinical trials that has not yet invested in its own commercialization infrastructure. Established pharmaceutical manufacturers may have overextended their internal commercialization resources, leaving brands in their portfolio without support. In such cases outsourcing provides access to flexible and cost-effective commercialization and allows client companies to take the strategic initiative needed to meet their business objectives.

Touchpoint is the leading source for purpose-built, complete healthcare commercialization solutions.

Touchpoint has evolved from a contract sales organization to the leading source for commercialization strategy, resources, and implementation. We provide a complete range of customizable and individualized commercialization services, designed to deliver the greatest possible value in the rapidly evolving healthcare marketplace.

Our executive and management teams have spent virtually their entire careers launching and building successful biopharmaceutical and healthcare brands. We leverage our extensive experience to meet our client’s commercialization requirements. Each outsourcing scenario is analyzed by the unique needs of the client brand, and we develop purpose-built, customized solutions that meet our clients’ goals, timelines, and budgets.

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