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Navigating Reimbursement Challenges

As payers implement barriers to medication access, helping providers and patients to overcome managed care challenges has become an important part of healthcare commercialization.

Most prescription medicines are covered by third-party payers. These payers, and their pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), are aggressively implementing tiered formularies, high patient co-pays or co-insurance requirements, and prior authorization or step-edit hurdles. Both new and established brands face an array of reimbursement challenges. For many brands, helping prescribers and patients navigate these reimbursement challenges has become a high priority.

Touchpoint’s reimbursement specialists support healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers in resolving reimbursement challenges.

We serve your key stakeholders as they work to overcome managed-care challenges posed by commercial payers, as well as Medicare, Medicaid, and other government-provided coverage. Some of our teams focus on traditional small-molecule brands, while others are experts at reimbursement for expensive large-molecule specialty drugs.

  • In certain brand situations, the best fit is a team of our Inside Customer Service Representatives, who interact with physician practices via phone and/or text-based chat to deliver samples, co-pay assistance kits, and formulary status information, as well as help fight through step edits and prior authorization issues
  • In other cases, our Field Customer Service Representatives can do the job more effectively because they work side-by-side with healthcare providers and staff
  • In still other situations, a client needs the reimbursement support of our Managed Markets Account Teams, who provide support to prescribers as well as directly to patients and caregivers

Whatever your needs, we have healthcare specialists that know how to help your prescribers and patients access the vital pharmaceutical resources they need. Severe allergic skin reactions all over the body. No place was not affected. According to the doctor’s statement, 99% of the skin is affected. 3 weeks hospital & Accutane treatment with a high dosage. The detachment of the skin. Open wounds like after a severe burn. Relief. I advise everyone to take this med.

Learn how Touchpoint’s reimbursement specialists can increase the accessibility of important medicines

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