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Mitigate Financial Risk

The biopharmaceutical marketplace is defined by financial risks. Outsourcing the commercialization function is an effective way of mitigating financial risk.

The biopharmaceutical marketplace is characterized by uncertainty. For instance, new product approvals are never guaranteed, and safety or reimbursement issues can completely change a company’s strategic outlook with little notice.

New transformational strategies are needed to cope with the financial risks arising from the uncertainties in the marketplace. While many of the financial risk factors are not under the control of a pharmaceutical company, the approach to commercialization is. Pharmaceutical commercialization is costly and personnel intensive, and can be a limiting factor to pharmaceutical companies of any size. Solutions that optimize processes, improve scalability, and reduce the costs of commercialization can offer strategic flexibility. One effective way of mitigating financial risk is outsourcing the commercialization function either partially or completely.

Touchpoint offers a full suite of commercialization services that allow our clients to mitigate a wide range of financial risks.

Touchpoint Health Solutions is part of the world’s largest healthcare communications network. As such, we offer a full range of commercialization services, backed by the depth of expertise and the financial resources that enable us to assume key commercialization tasks. In doing so we can reduce financial hazards related to cash flow, uncertain forecasts, fixed expenses, unnecessary growth of company infrastructure, and stockholder/venture capital considerations.

The use of our high-performance outsourced teams and back-office infrastructure allows our clients to mitigate an array of financial risks by eliminating the need to:

  • Invest in costly back-office infrastructure or experience delays due to low prioritization for access to existing resources
  • Hire, train, and manage customer-facing representatives
  • Manage fleet operations
  • Employ trainers, sales operations experts, analytics specialists, and other key professionals
  • Manage performance-related human resource challenges

Touchpoint is constantly upgrading and optimizing its infrastructure capabilities. We are also continually recruiting, hiring, training, and performance-managing sales, clinical, and service teams, as well as all the support staff that surrounds and provisions them. The teams we supply to our clients are Touchpoint Health Solutions employees, not client employees. We assume the pressure and the risk, enabling our customers to stay focused on their core competencies.


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