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Choose the Right Options

Building a successful healthcare commercialization strategy involves sorting through a bewildering array of options.

Developing a cohesive, purpose-built healthcare commercialization strategy is critical to successfully launching or relaunching a new or existing pharmaceutical brand. This development process involves numerous choices across a wide range of commercialization functions. An experienced outsourcing partner who can provide strategic direction and advice in a changing commercial environment can be an invaluable resource in getting this decision process right.

Touchpoint is ready to help you make strategic decisions that serve the unique needs of your brand.

Over time, we have encountered a wide range of healthcare commercialization scenarios and seen the results of innumerable decisions. This depth of experience enables us to help you sort through the options efficiently and choose the solutions that will produce the best results for your brand, while adhering to your budget and timelines.

Some examples of the choices that arise in this development process are:

  • Deciding how to interact most effectively with key opinion leaders prior to launch
  • Identifying the key healthcare providers (HCPs) targeted for the launch and where your brand will be most successful
  • Identifying the needs of key HCPs that the commercialization strategy should address
  • Defining the primary value offering and key differentiators
  • Identifying the types of customer-facing team(s) needed (field-based or inside sales teams, service teams, or clinical teams)
  • Identifying the type of training needed for each of the teams
  • Deciding on incentive compensation, fleet, analytics, and back-office support
  • Determining whether augmenting your back-office infrastructure will accelerate brand success

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