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Access Healthcare Providers with Touchpoint

Access to healthcare providers (HCPs) revolves around 2 important questions:

1) Which HCPs can have the greatest impact for the brand, and
2) What is their preferred communication channel?

Access is the beginning of influence. The critical first step toward gaining access and influence for your brand is to identify with which  healthcare providers (HCPs) your brand can have the greatest impact.

Consider this scenario: a company’s call file includes a top-decile physician, but a closer look at his or her managed care reimbursement status shows that very few of the prescriber’s patients have insurance plans covering the key product. However, a lower-decile HCP has a high percentage of patients in managed care plans that cover the product at Tier 2 preferred. In this scenario, a brand will have greater impact by targeting the lower-decile physician.

Only after target HCPs are identified does the question of how to access them effectively become relevant.

Touchpoint has accumulated the knowledge and built the teams to identify and effectively access the greatest number of HCPs nationwide.

Touchpoint has developed the expertise in target customer profiling that allows us to understand the behaviors and managed market positions of key prescriber targets. This process allows us to identify valuable target HCPs for each pharmaceutical brand we work with. Moreover, we have managed and measured individual prescriber contacts for decades. As a result, we already know the preferred access modes for most HCPs nationwide, and we share this knowledge with our clients.

We have experienced teams that can meet the needs of HCPs while using their preferred communication channel:

Touchpoint can also access tens of thousands of “no-see” physicians through its dedicated healthcare contact center to deliver your brand message.

Interested in engaging with greater precision by identifying and accessing your key targets?

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