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While others may consider a contact center to be “nonpersonal promotion,” Touchpoint considers every interaction between people to be extremely personal. That’s why we own and manage the 100% healthcare-focused contact center in the life sciences industry.

Our contact center representatives are highly trained professionals—many with years of experience in the field. Our inside sales, service, and clinical offerings are custom designed with the latest technology to fulfill your objectives, provide value, and enhance the reach and frequency of your sales and marketing efforts.

All Touchpoint contact center solutions are designed to strengthen the dialogue between your brand and your customers—healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers. We deliver your message at the right time and through the right channels to heighten receptivity and prolong engagements.

Touchpoint’s contact center offers healthcare communications with up to 24/7 staffing through a variety of channels:

  • • Phone
  • • Live video
  • • Print
  • • Chat
  • • eMail
  • • Text
  • • Fulfillment
  • • Web-integrated services (click-to-chat, click-to-eMail, click-to-call)

Inside Sales and Service Teams can include:

Credentialed Sales Specialists

These promotional teams are staffed by credentialed healthcare professionals (HCPs) such as PharmDs, MDs, PhDs, RNs, and RPhs, who can engage with HCPs and healthcare institutions in peer-to-peer, high-science dialogue.

Professional Sales Representatives

The majority of Touchpoint’s inside sales representatives have spent years in field sales with life sciences companies before joining our contact center. They translate their wealth of professional sales experience to their remote promotional conversations with healthcare professionals, making every contact a valued one.

Live Video Detailing Teams

Highly trained, experienced, professional sales representatives communicate with healthcare professionals via on-demand, live video web-details. Physicians and representatives share screens, enabling a one-on-one detail that replicates an in-office visit. Video calls typically average 10 minutes or more.

Customer Service Representatives

Service teams provide a high level of service support to healthcare professionals, office staff, and healthcare institutions. Touchpoint service teams offer support in areas such as teleSampling, teleService, co-pay card support, event recruitment/registration, appointment setting/reminders, patient information materials, and much more.

Inside Clinical Teams can include:

Inside Clinical Health Educator Teams

Just like their field-based counterparts, inside clinical health educators provide disease-state education and support to patients, caregivers, and/or physicians. Clinical health educator teams are staffed by healthcare professionals such as RNs, and they work to optimize health outcomes by facilitating patients’ adherence and retention to drug therapies and other healthcare regimens.

Inside Medical Science Liaisons

Similar to their field-based colleagues, inside medical science liaisons (MSLs) serve as a nonpromotional link between your brand and the medical community. Staffed by healthcare professionals such as PharmDs, PhDs, MDs, etc, they work to educate key opinion leaders, clinical trial investigators, and other thought leaders about your clinical initiatives.

Clinical Help Desk Teams

Help desk teams are often staffed with highly trained, noncredentialed, clinical health associates who answer common questions related to specific disease states and/or products and triage calls to credentialed clinical health educators as needed.

Hybrid Sales, Service, and Clinical Teams

These team members have geographically defined territories and spend a part of their week in the field meeting with healthcare professionals (HCPs) face-to-face and a part of their week reaching HCPs via inside channels (phone, video, etc), allowing their customers to engage with them when they want, where they want, and how they want. This flexibility can make hybrid team members a valued part of the HCP’s support system.

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