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Live Video Detailing

Live Video Detailing is becoming an increasingly attractive messaging channel. Touchpoint owns the necessary infrastructure and makes it available to you.

Changing patterns of information-seeking among clinicians, combined with reduced accessibility to representatives, have impacted the interactions between the biopharmaceutical industry and healthcare providers (HCPs). As face-to-face interactions are augmented or replaced by remote interactions, live video detailing has become an attractive supplement or alternative to in-person detailing.

Video detailing is a powerful alternative to in-person detailing that offers unique advantages.

On-demand live video detailing is one of the most powerful new, technology-intensive promotional channels. In live video detailing, physicians see and talk with inside sales representatives via phone and a secure Internet connection. Video representatives not only offer direct delivery of key disease and brand messages, accompanied by approved content, they also respond to each HCP’s personal needs and interests, answer specific questions, and manage complicated conversations with skill and effectiveness.

Live video detailing can occur any time: before or after the clinical workday, in the evening, or on weekends. Much like an in-person detail, a live video detailing appointment can be scheduled to occur on a specific date and time, or it can occur spontaneously and on-demand based on an HCP’s information needs. This ability to allow virtually unlimited time shifting is one of the greatest benefits of live video detailing.

Touchpoint’s live video detailing interface appears simple; all the doctor needs is a phone line and an Internet-connected computer. But the back-end infrastructure is quite sophisticated:

  • High-quality cameras and lighting
  • Desktop-sharing platform that includes live video feed
  • Advanced queuing capabilities
  • Email and webchat interface (thus enabling active recruiting)
  • Mechanism to make rapid conversions from phone-only teleDetailing to live video
  • Delivery of both the live video feed and all approved content
  • On-screen pointing and highlighting, physician download/printing, and more

Video detail sessions typically range in length from 8 to 20 minutes, with the average at 10 minutes. Effectiveness is high, with post-detail recall of up to 60%.

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