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Inside Shared & Flex Teams

Adding a contact center solution to your pharmaceutical sales strategy gives you some flexibility. Touchpoint’s contact center solution goes one step further by letting you react seamlessly to changing market conditions.

In the real world of biopharmaceutical marketing, the advantage goes to the nimble. Flexibility may be the most important overarching benefit of any business outsourcing decision, and it may be realized as financial, resource, or infrastructure flexibility. When it comes to deploying inside teams of inside sales, healthcare customer service, and clinical representatives, true flexibility can make the difference between success and failure.

A contact center solution is not a solution unless it can be customized to achieve your exact needs and objectives. As with field representatives, the deployment of inside representatives must account for changing needs and objectives, as you adjust your brand strategy to accommodate marketplace realities.

We offer our clients maximum flexibility in all our contact center offerings, including inside shared and flex teams.

Our inside teams can be custom-built to the exact configuration you require.

For example, you might need a shared team to cover multiple products, or a flex team that can move between sales and service roles, or even a team that can shift seamlessly between phone, text, and video interaction. We can set up all of these, and many more, uniquely specialized teams. For maximum flexibility, our inside teams are structured to allow quick “ramp ups” and “ramp downs” as market conditions warrant:

  • New product launch
  • Competitive entries
  • Generic competition and/or legal challenges
  • Regulatory issues
  • Adaptive initiatives (pilots)

Touchpoint is pleased to provide our inside shared and flex teams as a part of our inside teams service.

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