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Inside Hybrid Teams

Information-seeking behavior is changing among younger clinicians, requiring new go-to-market strategies that encompass both in-person and technology-driven interactions.

Healthcare providers (HCPs) are changing the ways they interact with industry. In response, leaders in the biopharmaceutical industry are beginning to adopt a blend of traditional and digital promotional tactics that better accommodates prescribers’ new self-directed, information-seeking behavior. One of the most interesting ways of achieving this blend is through hybrid sales representatives.

Touchpoint’s hybrid representatives combine the advantages of inside and field teams.

Hybrid representatives serve and reside in a geographically defined territory. Within this territory, they reach healthcare providers by phone and via live video dialing and web-enabled communications. They also spend time in the field to meet with HCPs in person. This flexibility can make hybrid representatives a valued part of a clinician’s support system, because it allows clinicians to engage in a setting and at a time of the clinician’s choosing, using the clinician’s preferred communication channel.

Deploying hybrid representatives offers distinct advantages. Hybrid representatives:

  • Build deep personal interactions through in-person contact and locale-specific connections
  • Appeal to many, especially younger, HCPs by providing technology-enabled interactions
  • Enable new and expanded representative influence by offering face-to-face meetings as well as off-hours interactions

Touchpoint has had great success with this hybrid model, working with clients to enable field representatives to conduct in-territory, live video details from their home offices. We even adjust work schedules to allow local representatives to reach their physicians during evening and weekend hours.

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