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Inside Healthcare Customer Service Teams

Providing customer service is an important way of maintaining a dialogue between healthcare providers (HCPs), patients, and the biopharmaceutical industry.

Today’s HCPs and patients are looking for assistance from the biopharmaceutical industry, including services such as sample support, product and safety information, prescription coupons, as well as assistance in securing access to medications. At the same time, the industry is looking for ways to assist key stakeholders effectively and efficiently.

Touchpoint’s inside customer service teams provide a wide range of key stakeholder support services.

Inside service teams are one of the most cost-effective ways of providing support to prescribers, office staff, and patients. Touchpoint’s dedicated healthcare contact center offers inbound and outbound customer service support across dozens of brands and thousands of interactions each month.

Inside healthcare customer service teams can offer all the services provided by field-based customer service teams, including arranging for sample delivery and providing formulary and managed market information. They can also support field-based clinical teams by setting appointments with key healthcare provider targets.

Unlike field-based teams, inside customer service teams can meet HCPs’ on-demand requests. This ability is particularly valuable for patient and clinical trial support. For patient support, we have an inbound patient concierge service to provide patient assistance including information, referrals, scheduling, and appointment reminders. The corresponding outbound patient management gives patients maintenance support and follow-up, as well as scheduling and reminders. For clinical trial support, Touchpoint provides inbound/outbound support to clinical trial investigators and participants.

Finally, we offer some services that are specific to inside customer service teams:

  • Loyalty and Copay Card Activation supports all activities around activation and management of loyalty and co-pay cards
  • Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Direct Response programs provide support to manage call influx patterns for all types of direct response programs
  • Reactivation and Dormant Patient programs help healthcare providers verify patients’ status and re-integrate them back into the system
  • Surveying and Profiling Services supplies execution of all types of market research, such as polls/surveys and customer experience assessments     
  • Event and/or Crisis Management includes support for product recalls, loss of exclusivity, backorder issues, and inbound response overflows

Learn how a high-performing inside customer service team can open the door to increased profit and return on investment

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