As of January, 31, 2019 Touchpoint Solutions is no longer a Publicis Health/Publicis Groupe company.  Look for all our new branding soon!

Healthcare Customer Service & Inside Sales Reps

Interaction through our contact center enables deeper and more prolonged interactions with healthcare providers (HCPs), patients, and caregivers.

While face-to-face contact with field representatives will always be a vital communication channel, access to healthcare providers (HCPs) is increasingly restricted. To overcome difficult access, and to provide greater flexibility in scheduling interactions, field-based customer service teams can be supplemented with alternative message-delivery options. Remote, technology-enabled communication through a contact center allows for reinforced or enhanced communication outside the clinical workday, enabling clinicians to schedule time to get critical information at their convenience.

Touchpoint’s dedicated healthcare contact center can significantly increase your brand’s reach.

One of the best ways to support the field sales team is to add an inside-team strategy. The 100% healthcare-focused Touchpoint Contact Center offers inbound and outbound health information engagement services across more than 78 healthcare brands and 120,000 interactions per month.

Our contact center representatives are highly trained professionals, many of them with years of experience in the field. Our inside sales, service, and clinical offerings are custom designed with the latest technology to fulfill brand objectives, provide value, and enhance the reach and frequency of your sales and marketing efforts.

Importantly, these representatives are often able to access “no see” or “hard to see” healthcare providers. In a recent study, Touchpoint reached 16% of healthcare providers rated as inaccessible to representatives and another 23% with significant frequency restrictions.

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All Touchpoint Contact Center solutions are designed to allow healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers the flexibility to choose the time and manner of their interaction. The result of this flexibility is a livelier dialogue and prolonged engagement between your brand and your customers.

Touchpoint’s Contact Center offers healthcare communications with up to 24/7 staffing through a variety of channels:

  • Phone
  • Live video
  • Print
  • Chat
  • eMail
  • Text
  • Fulfillment
  • Web-integrated services (click-to-chat, click-to-eMail, click-to-call)

Touchpoint also provides inside hybrid teams as well as inside shared and flex teams.

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