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Flex-Time and 2-Up Teams

Touchpoint’s flex-time and 2-Up teams provide both high performance and great stability over time.

While most field sales representatives work full time, some business situations call for a part-time or flex-time work arrangement. In fact, some of the most effective and satisfied representatives work on a flexible schedule. Business challenges that could benefit from the addition of a flex-time or 2-Up team are: additional support for a new product launch, competitive entries, generic competition and/or legal challenges, regulatory issues, and adaptive initiatives (pilots).

Touchpoint maximizes the use of part-time representatives by pairing them in teams that complement each other’s call schedule.

Touchpoint is an industry leader in designing and deploying flex-time representatives in hundreds of customer-facing assignments.

These professionals typically choose work 20 to 24 hours in a 3-day work week for quality of life reasons. They are typically experienced, accomplished, and high-performing life science professionals. Members of flex teams are chosen for their commitment to a flex-time schedule, and the teams have a very low turnover rate. The performance management of these teams is accomplished through the proprietary Touchpoint Flex-Team Sales Manager Training.

A powerful variant on the flex-time work model is what we call “2-Up” teams. A 2-Up team is a pair of flex-time representatives who operate in adjacent territories but cross over into their partner’s territory in certain situations. The most common need for such crossover is to accommodate call plans that require certain high-value targets in each territory to be called on at least 3 times per month. A 2-Up team can share the load: each top target in the 2 territories is called on twice monthly by one representative and once monthly by the other. This model provides an overlap of coverage on the top targets so there’s confirmed coverage at the required frequency. At the same time, the lower-decile healthcare providers are adequately covered by the part-time representative in each territory. Touchpoint is pleased to provide flex-time and 2-Up teams as a part of our Field Sales & Service Resourcing service.

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