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Field Sales Teams

Face-to-face selling remains the most effective way of interacting with healthcare providers. Touchpoint provides you with a field sales team that meets your brand’s specific needs.

Building a field sales team is a complex and time-consuming process. Moreover, the market is rapidly changing, and healthcare provider access is becoming ever more difficult.

In this climate, the importance of building strong and lasting relationships with healthcare providers (HCPs) is of paramount importance. Face-to-face selling remains a highly effective way to interact and build relationships with HCPs by delivering value and meeting their needs.

A diverse set of skills is required to build a high-performing team that includes recruiting and hiring, training, compensation, targeting analytics and customer relationship management (CRM), and compliance.

Managed by experienced pharmaceutical sales professionals, Touchpoint provides field sales tailored to a wide range of objectives.

Clients have long depended on the expertise of our field management and pharmaceutical sales operations teams to share best practices and offer recommendations on salesforce strategies and tactics.

All of Touchpoint’s executives have held senior-level pharmaceutical company positions: senior vice president of commercial operations at a small pharmaceutical company, head of sales operations at a small/midsize pharmaceutical company, and vice president of sales at a large pharmaceutical company. We’re a better partner because we have faced the same challenges and opportunities that our clients are facing.

Every field sales team we build is custom-designed to our client’s profile, culture, and goals:

  • Primary Care Teams: Extending reach, share-of-voice, and impact
  • Specialty and Biotechnology Teams: Experts in high-science, multidisciplinary selling
  • Device and Diagnostic Teams: Professionals who know the device/diagnostics market

Whatever the specific needs, Touchpoint can ramp up a sales team quickly and seamlessly. Covering the spectrum of skills necessary to build a team, we start with our recruiting expertise. Our recruiting department is always working and can access an established network of tens of thousands of experienced sales representatives who have preregistered with us. We know the companies they’ve worked for, their therapeutic class experience, and their geographic options and can quickly query our database to identify perfect matches.

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