Biopharma Field Sales & Service Resourcing

Touchpoint’s Field Sales & Service Resourcing group understands the challenges facing today’s commercial organizations and creates partnerships for success.

Today’s biopharmaceutical manufacturers face multifold pressures, from patent expiry to sluggish pipelines to pricing battles to intense regulation. Moreover, today’s pharmaceutical market is characterized by an increased focus on providing value. Consequently, for many commercial pharmaceutical organizations, the pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency is enormous.

Touchpoint provides field sales & resourcing with an emphasis on speed, flexibility, and engagement to deliver sustained results

Rooted in our history as a contract sales organization, Touchpoint has evolved into a full commercialization organization to meet the expanding needs of our clients more effectively. Our senior Field Sales & Service Resourcing leaders are known for their hands-on management style. They are continuously pressing their teams with 3 key questions — What’s going well? Where do we need to improve? What’s the plan for improvement? The answers to these questions drive us forward as we work to accomplish our Four Pillars of Flawless Customer Service:

  1. Speed. Our clients depend on us to get teams hired, trained, and in the field fast — sometimes within just weeks — and know that we have the systems and the personnel to meet their deadlines.
  2. Flexibility. In today’s marketplace, competitive conditions can change in an instant. One of the key reasons our clients trust us to provide their field teams is that we can flex as needed, scaling up and down seamlessly.
  3. Engagement. We stay connected to our clients’ healthcare sales and marketing leaders, sharing knowledge and experiences as we work together to help healthcare providers help patients.
  4. Results. In the end, nothing is more important than delivering sustained results. We know it. We live it. We do it.

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