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Field-Based Customer Service Teams

Successful healthcare commercialization requires customer service in addition to sales.

Healthcare professionals are increasingly looking for additional assistance from the pharmaceutical industry. Specifically, they need help delivering patient education about disease states and treatment options, as well as education on medication features and safety issues. They also need support as they work to help patients access and afford their medications.

Touchpoint’s field based customer service teams provide valuable interactions by assisting healthcare providers with critical tasks

A field-based customer service team can be an excellent way to deliver help to overworked healthcare professionals and their staff members. Our healthcare customer service representatives don’t “sell,” but instead interact with physician practices to provide valuable customer service, including:

  • Delivering samples, copay assistance kits, patient education, and formulary status information
  • Receiving and triage professional information requests and adverse events reports
  • Routing healthcare provider requests for detailed product information
  • Tracking all physician visits in sales force automation systems
  • Making an average of 12-15 calls per day

Pharmaceutical customer service representatives are welcome in most physician offices and can deliver superior return on investment in a variety of brand scenarios. They are perfect for service-sensitive brands that no longer require heavy sales and/or clinical messaging or brands nearing patent expiration. They also can have exceptional value for competitive brands with managed markets access obstacles or white-space/vacancy challenges.

Field-based customer service representatives can work alone or in conjunction with other field and/or inside teams to supplement and enhance your pharmaceutical sales and marketing efforts. Customer service representatives provide key benefits:

  • Synergistic adjunct to territory coverage
  • Increased share-of-voice
  • Expanded reach and/or frequency
  • Affordable coverage for near–loss-of-exclusivity brands
  • Lower cost per call compared to full-time or flex-time representatives

A high-performing, field-based customer service team can be the unsung heroes of your healthcare commercialization plan.

Understand how customer service representatives can open the door to increased profit and return on investment for your brand

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