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Prelaunch Target Customer Profiling

Introducing a product in a new-to-manufacturer therapeutic category carries a unique set of challenges. One of the most important of these is identifying and understanding the key prescriber targets.

Although promotional conversations with target customers must wait until after brand approval, there is no reason to delay your efforts at prelaunch target customer profiling. This crucial work will help ready your sales team for the date of launch so they can hit the ground running. Conducting this due diligence early goes a long way toward priming your team, profiling the segments, and getting to know the key players before launch.

Smart approaches to prelaunch target customer profiling include a first phase based on your own internal prescriber knowledge and a second phase that relies on the extensive knowledge available from your commercialization partner. The very best prelaunch target customer profiling goes a step further to include live visits to prescribers’ offices. At these visits, a properly trained team member can capture vital information about the patient population; the staff roles and personalities; and the prescriber’s mindset, including in-class prescribing habits, use of samples/vouchers, scheduling availability/preferences, and more. When this fresh information is integrated with the preliminary internal and external knowledge, the sales team can build a go-to-market plan that properly prioritizes launch targets.

Touchpoint has the proven knowledge and experience to help identify and understand key customer targets.

Touchpoint is a healthcare commercialization organization that can help you accomplish top-tier prelaunch target customer profiling. Whether you use our deep bench of clinical communication specialists or our industry-leading sales teams, we understand what is needed, and we will work with you to accomplish your goals.

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