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Back-Office Setup

Successful brand marketing requires an effective, efficient back-office system to organize and administer key data flows.

For many products, however, these internal “master data management” resources are either difficult to access or completely unavailable.

For example, consider a successful midsized brand in a large company. When this brand needs internal data management support, it is often placed low on the request list because the company’s priority is the new launch drug or the blockbuster brand. In this scenario, leaders of mature brands need occasional, specific access to faster and better data service than their internal infrastructure can provide.

In another scenario, consider the needs of a biotech company solely committed to discovery and marketing. Anything associated with data infrastructure is outside of their core competencies. They need an external, flexible, scalable, plug-and-play resource that provides a turnkey data management solution.

Touchpoint provides the back-office infrastructure solutions to meet your brand’s specific requirements.

Touchpoint has developed the back-office infrastructure to meet these needs for all companies, from startup companies to the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. We can supervise either the customer master database or the customer relationship management system. Additionally, we can provide the necessary business intelligence tools, including data feeds, file transfer protocols, or custom requests. Touchpoint’s master data management services are offered as part of our full commercialization suite. We’ll work side-by-side with you to organize and administer your key data flows.  

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