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Contact Center Clinical Teams

Contact center clinical teams strengthen the dialogue between you and key stakeholders.

Field-based clinical teams are an essential component of many companies’ nonpromotional communication strategies. The scope of nonpromotional clinical communications involves starting and maintaining a high-science dialogue with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and high-priority healthcare professionals (HCPs), implementing Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS), as well as patient and caregiver education, lifestyle interventions, and adherence support. Because clinicians are becoming less and less accessible, extending the conversation between stakeholders and clinical teams beyond face-to-face contact is an increasingly valuable communication channel.

Touchpoint offers the full range of clinical communications through its healthcare contact center.

A key advantage of clinical communications is that because they are nonpromotional, they can be deployed prior to a drug launch. For delivery by inside staff, Touchpoint’s dedicated healthcare contact center provides inbound and outbound clinical engagement services through a variety of channels, including phone, live video, chat, email, text, and web-integrated services (click-to-chat, click-to-eMail, click-to-call).

Inside Medical Science Liaisons

Like their field-based colleagues, our inside medical science liaisons (MSLs) serve as a nonpromotional link between your company and the medical community. The staff on our inside MSL teams includes healthcare professionals such as PharmDs, PhDs, and MDs. They educate KOLs, clinical trial investigators, healthcare professionals and other thought leaders on your clinical initiatives. Many of the scientifically based interactions between MSLs and clinicians can and should occur in preparation for a drug launch. Touchpoint has built some of the longest running, most successful clinical deployments in the industry.

Inside Clinical Health Educators

Just like their field-based counterparts, Touchpoint’s inside clinical health educators provide disease-state and product-specific education and support to patients, caregivers, and physicians. Clinical health educator teams are staffed by RNs and other healthcare professionals. They work to optimize health outcomes by facilitating patients’ adherence to and retention of drug therapies and other healthcare regimens. Like field-based clinical health educators, Touchpoint’s inside clinical health educators specialize in a specific disease or therapeutic area such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or heart disease, and disease state-specific credentials are required for each clinical health educator role.

Clinical Help Desk Teams

Touchpoint’s help desk teams are staffed with highly trained, but noncredentialed clinical health associates who answer common questions related to specific disease states and/or products, and triage calls to credentialed clinical health educators as needed.
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