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Clinical Capability Development

To be at their best, clinical teams must master both the high science behind your product as well as the skills of influence and persuasion.

You have hired and deployed Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and Clinical Health Educators (CHEs) to engage healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients to accomplish key clinical communication goals. To effectively do this, they need not only the scientific qualification that you hired them for, but also knowledge of the core principles of influence and persuasion, which they often lack.

We create win-win situations for your stakeholders in the medical community, patients, and your brand by teaching medical and clinical teams how to engage, influence and persuade.

Our Clinical Capability Development offering is dedicated to coaching your medical or clinical team members to be their most engaging in front of key stakeholders. We teach these clinical teams the “soft sell” skills they need to be successful; a sales-skills training for non-sales roles.

Each customized program begins with one of our lead facilitators interviewing both management and team members to identify the learning goals. Then we develop and lead live, onsite workshops that train your clinical staff how to engage, build rapport, present data compellingly, influence, and persuade. Once the training is done, we work with you to measure results.

Most importantly, we show your clinical team members how they can maintain their scientific integrity while still communicating persuasively and asking stakeholders to make specific behavior changes. This ability to confirm a commitment to new behavior is what enables the best possible outcome for the stakeholder, company, and patients alike.

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