Launching a pharmaceutical drug

This PharmaVOICE article I co-authored explores product launches from various angles including what elements are “must-haves” for a successful launch in 2017 and beyond.  The Launch Pad  covers the latest trends and challenges  such as the need for pharmaceutical manufacturers to find new ways to work in restrictive reimbursement environments.

The Key to Success:

There are quite a number of must haves for a successful launch in 2017 which should apart from others include the following:

  • A complete picture of the regulatory and commercial environment. Many call this the “stakeholder map”. This needs to be well thought out and the dependencies understood to simulate future events.
  • A very robust forecast model which provides opportunities for the marketers to simulate the impact of market forces that are external to the current trends.
  • A thorough understanding of the reimbursement environment.
  • A well thought out pricing strategy that takes into account competitive environment, product positioning in the current protocol driven environment and estimate the power of the stakeholders to leverage optimum pricing.
  • Comprehensive sales plan that encompasses all aspects of every customer facing strategy including patients and expected outcomes.

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