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Blockchain in Healthcare – a Case for the Segment of One?

Photo of Mark StevensYARDLEY, PA — October 22, 2016 —  By Mark Stevens

It was a great experience participating in the world’s first conference “Distributed Healthcare”, studying the intersection of blockchain and healthcare, this week in Nashville, TN. I was joined by some of the leading healthcare and technology thinkers from six different continents and representing many of the world’s largest companies.

The interest to attend this conference was three fold:

  1. This was the first “official” true conference with talks from not only thought leaders but also true practitioners who knew blockchain really well.
  2. Blockchain entered the “peak of inflated expectations” time in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2016 published this August.
  3. The organizers of this conference happened to read my reference to blockchain in a recent PharmaVoice article and offered a substantial discount to attend the conference.

Publicis Touchpoint Solutions: The New Health Economy

Photo of Mark StevensYARDLEY, PA — December 23, 2015 — Mark Stevens discusses tapping into its $2.8 trillion revenue opportunity in the November/December issue of PharmaVoice.



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